2016 Harvest finished…

The grapes are all picked and the juice is fermenting in our vats….soon the very first tank samples of our 2016 wines will be tasted.   The photo below shows our Bacchus grapes on their way from vineyard to winery – luckily for our grapes only a 5 minute journey which means they are in perfect condition when they are pressed.


Below shows the last load of Chardonnay grapes waiting in the press.  We all breath a sigh of relief at this point as the weather can throw no more problems at us….for this year at least!



The 2016 harvest for us, like many other English vineyards, has been an excellent one in terms of grape ripeness and quality – but a disappointing one in terms of volume.  So we look forward to tasting the wines but warn you they will be in short supply!  The main problem was the wet and windy weather in June which led to disrupted flowering and fruit set on the vines compounded by high disease pressure.  Growing grapes in England is always going to be a challenge….that’s why  the wines are so special!

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