Vermouth & Cocktails

Vermouth & Cocktails

Vermouth is a fortified wine carefully flavoured with a variety of botanicals.

Our Vermouth is produced from our own single estate matured base wines, blended with grain spirit and an infusion of 40 carefully selected  herbs, spices and citrus peels each adding depth, complexity and interest to this delicious drink.  The key to a great Vermouth is the delicate balance of the botanicals – so each can play their part without being lost or taking over.

Semi-dry in style, our 40 Vermouth is ideally suited to drinking on its own paired with strong cheeses, nuts or cured meats; or as a partner in many cocktails from the classic Negroni to the sophisticated Martini.  For Cocktail and mulled wine recipes please click here.

We encourage you to experiment to experience the true versatility of this unique drink.

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