Frost Alert!

As you wake up to these attractive cold frosty mornings with clear blue skies, think of us vineyard managers!

At this time of year we are going to great lengths to protect our vines from frost, but is it worth the time and money, not to mention effort? Well the short answer is yes! And here’s why……

Early warm weather, typically late March into late April in the UK, warms the soil and encourages buds to burst and shoots to grow. These swollen buds and young shoots are very fragile and susceptible to frost, as below freezing temperatures causes water to freeze, including that held within this new growth, which expands and ruptures the soft young tissue. Widespread loss of these primary shoots massively decrease yield, as these are typically the most fruitful shoots, causing many to do whatever they can to prevent this potentially catastrophic loss. Luckily there are a wide range of frost protection mechanisms available to us that offer varying degrees of effectiveness, including everything from bougies (large paraffin wax candles) to keeping the grass cut short and spraying natural plant stimulants to encourage a lower tissue water concentration. It’s all very high-tech stuff!


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