Frost & Fear!

From rain we’ve moved onto cold and the coming week looks like a very worrying one for all English vineyards with the threat of frosts looming.  With the buds now out on the vines they are vulnerable to frost damage which can destroy an entire crop.  So it looks like a week of potential sleepless nights as our only defence is to light nearly 1,000 ‘bougies’ (frost candles) to warm the air sufficiently to prevent frost forming.  The only problem being this needs to be done at about 2am!  Volunteer anyone?!

In the meantime we have now bottled our 2015 still wines and they are resting in store awaiting release in mid-May in time for English Wine Week. This is just as well as we are now virtually sold out of all 2014 still wines.  If you’d like to be amongst the first to try our 2015 wines then please book a tour and tasting here during May or June.  Hope to see you then.

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