Reflections on 2022

Forced indoors by relentless rain, January is the best time for us to reflect on the year gone by and evaluate how far we’ve come (or not) against our hopes and aspirations.

12 months ago I was writing about a disappointing 2021 harvest, challenges with labour and product supply and the uncertainties around emerging from repeated COVID lock-downs.  Now I’m pleased to be working in a Winery that is full to the rafters with excellent 2022 vintage wines and whilst we continue to face significant supply chain and labour availability challenges we are finding some solutions.   Cost increases, as for every business however, remain a big concern (wine bottles have doubled in price and remain difficult to source) so we continue to look at every way possible to contain our costs so we can keep our wines at accessible prices.  The January Stock Clearance deals on Bacchus Frizzante, White Pinot Noir and our Estate Selection we now have on offer on our website are great value if you are looking for some wine to re-stock after Christmas.

Two other topics close to my heart are working with local partners and reducing our Carbon Footprint.    I’m pleased to report that we have made good progress in both areas.    We hosted some very enjoyable Friday Night Supper Clubs last Summer, working in partnership with several of the best local food vendors in Sussex offering a wide range of delicious and affordable ‘meals out’ accompanied by, what I like to claim, is the most beautiful view in Sussex!  We’re currently planning many more dates for this year, bringing back some old friends as well as introducing some new faces.    We will also be offering our popular Vineyard Picnics, packed full of locally-sourced goodies, more frequently over this coming Summer.

The work on identifying, calculating and systematically reducing our carbon emissions as a business is ongoing and complex as anyone who has tried to do this will tell you.  I’ll be writing a separate newsletter on this shortly as it would take up too much space here!

For 2023 we look forward to making further progress in these areas and hopefully to another successful harvest (fingers crossed!).   We also look forward to welcoming as many of you as possible to the vineyard once we open again on 8th April for either a tour, tasting, supper club, picnic or just a relaxed glass of wine.

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