Which wines this Christmas?

Ever wondered which of our wines WE would choose to celebrate Christmas with? These are our choices for 2023 …


Monica has worked at Albourne Estate since 2021 running our Tours and managing our Tasting Room. I’m sure many of you will have met her! Coming to us from working in the cellar doors around the Yarra Valley in Australia and a few Sussex vineyards, Monica has many years of experience in the hospitality side of running a wine business. Her choice this Christmas is our Limited edition Blanc de Blancs 2015 Magnum.

She comments: “At my house this Christmas we will definitely be opening up a Blanc de Blancs 2015 Magnum (or two!). Our large family will be gathering again after a few Christmases apart and want to make a memorable toast this Christmas day. This is a beautifully textured wine with a fantastic balance between a lasting creaminess and uplifting freshness. It’s not just absolutely delicious but also the ideal size with more family around celebrating this year.”


Salvatore hails from Sicily and has been working with us on the winemaking side since 2017.

His work in winemaking has taken him all over the world but now he spends much of his time in the UK working with English wine producers to impart his knowledge and experience. He enjoys working in the UK with small scale wineries and embracing the challenge of a young wine industry His choice is our Vermouth.

He comments: “My number one choice when I think about Christmas is our 40 English Vermouth.   This is the most complex wine we make to describe.  So complex and warm on the nose and palate; it’s perfect either to stimulate your appetite with a cold starter course of cheese and “affettati” (charcuteries), or at the end of a meal it works very well with my favourite Christmas treat, panettone with candied fruit.”


Phil has also worked with us since 2021 having left a career in motor vehicle engineering to learn all about growing grapes and making wine. He now uses his skills to help look after our vineyard and undertakes the many ‘odd jobs’ that generally need doing! Phil’s choice this Christmas is our MultiVintage sparkling wine.

He comments: “Our MultiVintage is a very affordable and approachable English sparkling wine and a great start to Christmas Day. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a festive brunch and for the chef to enjoy whilst preparing the Christmas turkey.
A great all-rounder and even the labels have a little Christmas sparkle about them!”

Alison & Bonnie

And so lastly, myself and, of course, Bonnie! Having established Albourne Estate from scratch in 2010 I’ve seen it grow and develop to produce wines and experiences of which I’m proud and so it is always difficult to choose a favourite.

However, so perfect for Christmas has to be our Blanc de Noirs 2016. Its also Bonnie’s choice as she likes to chase the deer depicted on the label!

“I’m not surprised it has won an award or two – I always love the gorgeous bronzed-gold colour of Blanc de Noirs wines coupled with their depth of flavour…..but what totally captivates me about this wine is the mouthfeel and balance.   It has the smoothest texture, the most delicious creaminess and a captivating balance of freshness and fruit and its perfect paired with that very popular Christmas canape – smoked salmon, or drunk on its own as part of your Christmas toast!”

If you would like to order any of these wines for Christmas please visit our online shop.  Please remember that the last order date to receive wines before Christmas and the New Year is midnight on 18th December 2023.

Best wishes

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